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Sarah Janik Psychic Medium

I had an amazing reading with Sarah. She connected with my Mom, who showed her unique features about her so I knew without a doubt it was her. Sarah picked up on many details of things that happened that were simply astounding! She also connected with another family member who had crossed over many years ago. Again, there were many details about this person and her life that were completely spot on that blew my mind! Simply put Sarah's gift is remarkable and the real deal. It was a pleasureto connect with my loved ones. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift!

Joyce Rogliano

Today I had a lovely reading with Sarah Janik. She was pretty spot on in the reading without me giving her any information in advance. She was able to connect with my deceased husband and noted that we had much more than an average marriage. She was also able to pick up on my Dad and Mom and let me know they are together and at peace. She was able to connect to each one of their characteristics and knew that my husband I liked to go camping and that we carved our initials into a tree. I highly recommend Sarah and wish her the best in her career.

Tina Willard

Definitely blew my mind. I've always been skeptical but she knew things about my brother that aren't common knowledge and things about me personally that only 1 other human knows. It was wild. 10/10 for Sarah.

Kristin Kissner

Sharon Rollinson

“Don't hesitate to contact Sarah. She is thoughtful, insightful, spiritual, healing and very detailed. Sarah was able to connect with many of my family members in spirit, in many ways it was a healing process for me. I would highly recommend. I don't normally do reviews and I don't take my reviews lightly... She has a gift."

Tracy Ridgers

"Sarah did a lovely reading for me recently on video call (I am in the UK), and there was one particular piece of information that my parents passed through to her that definitely showed to me that she was connected with my parents as it was very specific. Thank you for the lovely reading and for connecting to my parents to bring me their messages."

Ashley Breaux

“I had a reading with Sarah at the end of January and could not have been more fulfilled. Not only is she a sweetheart but she has an amazing gift and I am so grateful to have had a reading from her. She was able to connect with my grandmother (who made sure she knew we called her Granny) and also to my Dad who passed away when I was very young. She knew very specific details about things that she could not have known unless she was hearing it directly from them. She even gave me clarification on something that is currently going on with my family. My Granny made sure to let me know what she wanted me to do! It was an amazing experience that I will be forever grateful for and I am so glad that I had this opportunity to get a reading from her. I had a ton of questions for her afterward and she took the time to answer them all... We even spoke the next day as well, when she reached out to help clarify and validate several more things we spoke about. I would most definitely recommend Sarah to anyone that is looking to connect to their loved ones on the other side. It was a beautiful experience and I feel like I can now call her a friend. Thanks so much Sarah! You are awesome!.”

Loved ones in heaven

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